Travis Griffith


Season 2017 marked the completion my 6th Season of refereeing for BFR. I took up refereeing as a way of making a few extra dollars over my weekends which were already spent at soccer anyway. Since then I have found myself enjoying refereeing more and more and have since left playing to focus on my refereeing. Since joining BFR I have moved through the ranks making my PL debut at the age of 15 and having been involved in 4 PL Grand Finals and 3 State cup Grand Finals. In 2016 I was selected for the NSW Referees Academy where we undergo specific training sessions in order to enhance or technical knowledge and abilities on the park.

I have also worked through the state system having been apart of the Football NSW Referees Development Panel and in 2017 moving into NSW State League Referees where I have had the privilege of officiating in the NSW National Premier Leagues competition as well as attending state titles tournaments and in 2017 being selected for the National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour in September.