Dylan king

Junior Vice President

Season 2018 marked 5 years of service with BFR and still continue to love it till this day. I started referring to get a better understanding of the game that I love so much and to earn a little bit more money on the side and to gain a little bit of exercise and fitness. Season 2018 saw me join the mentoring program to help develop young junior refs and help them achieve their goals and mentor them to become a better referee. This season also saw me be a assistant referee for the PL 1 first grade game which was a very proud moment of my referee career

In my five years of service with BFR I’ve learnt so much and achieved so many goals such as referring in state cup finals at valentine sports park and referring in champions of champions finals as well. In season 2019 as junior Vice President next season I want to help the juniors achieve their goals by working with them and getting to know what they want to get out of referring and give them same help I received when I was a junior referee.