John Apotsis

Assistant Coach 2019

John is in his sixth year of refereeing with BFR.

John started refereeing in 2014 and, since then, has attained: Level 3 Assessor, Level 3 Instructor, and Level 3 Referee qualifications, and is looking to achieve Level 2 qualifications in the near future.

Growing up, John wanted to play Football. This never eventuated and, not happy with merely being a spectator and supporter, he made the move into refereeing.

Towards the end of each season, for the first three years of John's refereeing career, he would think about leaving refereeing. Thanks to the advice and support of BFR, John developed and refined his refereeing technique. As a result of this commitment and dedication, John was Assistant Referee for the: PL 2 Reserve Grade Grand Final (2016), PL 1 Reserve Grade Grand Final (2017), PL 1 First Grade Grand Final (2018), and was Referee of the AAL 1 Grand Final (2018).

From 2015 til 2018 John was the Minutes Secretary and is both grateful and proud to have been invited to be BFRs' Assistant Coach, for 2019.